Development and implementation of information systems is carried out using the most modern technologies and platforms:

Operating systems: MS Windows;

Programming languages: C #,;

RDBMS: Microsoft SQL Server;

Application servers and Web servers: Microsoft IIS;

Analytical reporting systems: MS SQL Server Reporting Services.


Individual development of the information system provides to the customer following advantages:

The developed information system provides automation of unique and non-standard business processes of the customer, is maximally integrated into the information environment of the organization, meets the requirements of legislation and excludes excessive functionality;

It is possible to integrate the developed information system with other customer applications;

The information system supports the possibility of a planned increase and change in functionality;

The information system provides the possibility of reengineering, including its transition to new technological platforms and the implementation of migration of accumulated data.

Qualified technical support of the information system guarantees its high-quality functioning, ensuring effective implementation and continuity of all business processes. Timely technical support of IT infrastructure and software is the basis for the uninterrupted operation of information resources. The complex of our company's services for the development and technical support of information systems allows the customer to obtain a stable and high-quality operating information infrastructure. Our company specialists will carry out the development and technical support of the customer's information resources in the following areas:

Improving information systems, implementation of new features;

Updating the project and operational documentation;

Advising the customer's users about software functions and features.

Legal services

In the context of frequently changing legislation regular monitoring of changes and timely reaction allow the company to build a strategy of action in the market and avoid financial losses. Even the most experienced full-time lawyer can not be an expert in all areas of law, and the whole department, which can quickly cope with a diverse stream of legal issues, will require very high costs. Therefore, an enterprise using legal outsourcing is unquestionably the winner, receiving a whole legal department or even a law firm by the price of one lawyer.

Stages of development

Integrated solutions for the automation of management systems in both private and public sectors. Clients of the company obtains an effective tool for increasing the efficiency of their activities through an integrated approach to automation, which includes:

Customer's business processes analysis, definition of functional requirements for the system;

Development of a technical specifications for the creation and implementation of an information system;

Design, development and testing of the information system;

Testing of the information system, development of software in accordance with updated requirements;

Deployment and implementation of the information system into operation;

Technical support and maintenance of the information system, including administration and monitoring of operation;

Consulting services in financial area, accounting and management accounting;

The organization and training of technicians and end users of the software.

You will find competence, objectivity, integrity, and strict observance of confidentiality
during work with our specialists



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